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ALALibraryVal 2009

The Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Initiative Group meeting for the 2009 ALA Annual Conference – taking place in the hometown of ALA Headquarters: Chicago, IL! — will take place in real life on Saturday, July 11, 2009, at 3:00 pm CT (1:00 pm PT/SLT), at National Louis University, which is located at 122 S. Michigan Avenue. Meet the members of VCL MIG in the Second Floor Atrium.

Do you have friends going to Annual Conference who would like a chance to see what SL is like? IM Oberon Octagon if interested in attending an orientation session in the ALA HQ Training Room this Friday, July 10, 2009 at 10am or 2pm CT for a chance to see your avatar on a BIG screen. Get tips on using the SL viewer, see ALA Island, or just have a group together in one room for a dual-world chat.

There will be free Second Life Librarian ribbons for your badge from Tina Coleman (ALA Island’s Kay Tairov in Second Life) at the Membership Pavilion, Booth #3034, at McCormick Place, which opens tomorrow, July 11, at 8:45 am Central Time.

Pick up your free 2009 ALA Annual Conference T-Shirt for your avatar in-world at the Main Stage on ALA Island (130, 103, 31).

2009 ALA Annual Conference Kiosk and Free Avatar Conference T-Shirt Vendor on ALA Island

2009 ALA Annual Conference Kiosk and Free Avatar Conference T-Shirt Vendor on ALA Island

For news in-world, visit the VCL MIG Twitter Screen Area on ALA Island (131, 213, 28). Join one (or both) of the Second Life online communities on ALA Connect: Virtual Communities and Libraries, Second Life Users Group.

Next week, we’ll be posting a round-up of the Cognotes issues from conference and streaming in any podcasts or video captured at various events and programs.

Our first video is already up! Go to AL Focus Video Village on ALA Island (79, 44, 44) and watch the brief interview with Paula Poundstone before she appeared as a panelist just last night before a 500-strong all-librarian audience for this week’s live taping of the NPR radio quiz show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! The video is titled Paula Poundstone at Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

2009 ALA Annual Conference — Sessions discussing Second Life and other virtual worlds

Life After 2.0
Public Library Association (PLA, a division of ALA)
Saturday, July 10, 1:30 pm-3:00 om Central Time
Location: McCormick Place West in W-190b

Track: Digital Information & Technologies
What has become of the initial push for Web 2.0 technologies and services in public libraries? Which programs have been successful? What have we learned from the failures? Blogs, wikis, Second Life, and all things Library 2.0 will be considered against the backdrop of librarian/patron satisfaction. Join our panel of Web 2.0 experts as they discuss what some libraries have done to measure the quality and impact of 2.0 services.

Speakers: Lori Bell, Director of Innovation, Alliance Library System, East Peoria, Ill.; Helene Blowers, Director of Digital Strategy, Columbus (Ohio) Metropolitan Library; Meredith Farkas, Head of Instructional Initiatives, Kretzberg Library, Norwich University, Vt.; Jed Moffitt, Moderator, Associate Director, Information Technology Systems, King County (Wash.) Library System; Michelle Springer, Project Manager, Digital Initiatives, Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Giving Maps a Second Life with Digital Technologies
Map and Geography Round Table (MAGERT)
Saturday, July 11, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm Central Time
Location: Hyatt Regency McCormick in Conf. Ctr. 23

Track: Digital Information & Technologies
Please join the Map and Geography Round Table (MAGERT) in welcoming Mr. David Rumsey of Cartography Associates who will be presenting a program entitled Giving Maps a Second Life with Digital Technologies.  In this program, Mr. Rumsey will show how his increasing use of digital technologies and the Internet over the past decade has transformed his work as a historical map scholar and collector. Using imaging software, GIS, and popular applications like Google Earth and Second Life, Rumsey has given new life to old maps, both in their dissemination and our ability to analyze and understand them, thereby unlocking the information held in maps for use in a wide range of disciplines. He will discuss and demonstrate how he offers these software tools and a growing number of digitized maps themselves on his free public online map library at www.davidrumsey.com.

Web 2.0 meet the Standards for 21st Century Learner
American Association of School Librarians (AASL, a division of ALA)
Sunday, July 12, 10:30-12:00
Location: McCormick Place West in W-187

Track: Digital Information & Technologies
The panel will demonstrate five Web 2.0 tools, highlighting the features that support our new standards. At tables, groups will brainstorm and develop how these tools can be used to support inquiry learning and report out. The moderator will record these ideas in a wiki designed for future growth. We hope to be able to share this session with 2.0-style—Ustream and have others Twitter in. As a wrap up, we may go into Second life and discuss the same tools with some librarian around the country/world (pre-arranged).

Presenters: Joyce Valenza, Pam Berger, Wendy Stephens, Christopher Harris, Lisa E Perez, Jeff Hastings, and Robin Williams

Making Virtual Reality-Based Library Services Real for K-12 Teachers & Librarians
American Association of School Librarians (AASL, a division of ALA)
Sunday, July 12, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm Central Time
Location: McCormick Place West in W-175b/c

Track: Administration & Leadership; Collaboration
This program will identify and share effective professional development technologies; best practices in using a virtual reality environment to deliver professional library services; information about effective practices in administering a virtual-reality based library services program. Using Second Life, the technology and its uses will be discussed highlighting the benefits to networking, resource identification and professional development. The Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries Second Life Project will be used to demonstrate from the project planning to implementation. This program will also discuss the future of multi-user virtual reality environments, including information on other current virtual reality  environments, development of education grids, interoperability with other Web 2.0 technologies, and open
standard development.

Speakers: Lisa Perez; Christie Thomas

My Avatar Will Contact Your Avatar: Virtual Worlds, Real Opportunities
Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA, a division of ALA), Systems and Services Section (SASS)
Monday, July 13, 8:00 am-10:00 am Central Time
Location: McCormick Place West in W-178a

Track: Administration & Leadership; Leadership & Management
Virtual worlds are creating a new strain of librarianship, with its own set of opportunities and affordances.  The number of virtual worlds and the overall citizenship of virtual worlds continue to increase.  Many libraries are developing services and collections in virtual worlds.  Sooner or later all libraries will need to make a decision about virtual worlds.  In this program, we will explore the following questions: What are the trends and developments in virtual worlds, such as Second Life, Lively, Qwaq, Teen Second Life, and Whyville? How are they being used by libraries and library-related organizations? What factors should libraries consider in deciding whether or not to develop a virtual world presence? What is the future of librarianship in virtual worlds? What resources and skills are needed to start and sustain a virtual world library presence?

Speakers: Lori Bell, Alliance Library System; Tom Peters, TAP Information Services; Kathryn Robinson, Orange County Library System

ALALibraryVal 2009

“Worlds connect @ your library” in Second Life

CHICAGO - In celebration of National Library Week, the American Library Association (ALA) will host a series of “Worlds connect @ your library” events in Second Life (SL). “Worlds connect @ your library” is the 2009 theme for National Library Week.

This year’s attractions and events in Second Life mark the second National Library Week to host “in-world” activities. Attractions open throughout National Library Week will include:

  • An ALA / Information Island Archipelago Treasure Hunt. Visitors are invited  to explore the Information Island Chain while picking up fun and useful freebies along the way.
  • A celebration of ALA Allied Professional Association’s (ALA-APA) National Library Workers Day, Tuesday, April 14. ALA Island will feature the Gallery of Library Stars, where visitors can pose for a picture and have it added to the gallery.
  • Build-Your-Own-Tour of Libraries in Second Life. SL users can use the pictures on the ALA Island to visit different library locations throughout Second Life.
  • A Youth Media Award art gallery. Visitors are invited to stop by the Lorelei Junot Gallery to check out this National Library Week art exhibit featuring cover art from Caldecott, Pura Belpré and Coretta Scott King award winners and honor medal recipients.

Also, during National Library Week, ALA staff members will be in Second Life to reach out and connect with SL users. Special events will include (and please be aware that Second Life Time, called SLT, is exactly the same as Pacific Time, so adjust the times below to your own time zone accordingly):

  • 10 a.m. PT/SLT, Monday, April 13 - Main Stage, ALA Island

Megan McFarlane, coordinator for the Campaign for America’s Libraries (Second Life avatar, Bunny Iwish), will host a talk on the fourth season of Step Up to the Plate @ your library. McFarlane will be on hand to discuss the 2009 season, which will focus on the history and diversity of America’s national pastime, and to answer questions on promoting the program.

  • 4 p.m. PT/SLT, Tuesday, April 14 - Banned Books Week Town Square, ALA Island

Tina Coleman, ALA membership specialist (Second Life avatar, Kay Tairov), will moderate a book discussion of Watchmen. The discussion will focus on the graphic novel and its impact on modern literature and pop culture.

  • 6 p.m. PT/ SLT, Wednesday, April 15 - Main Stage, ALA Island

Joe Sanchez, author of the February 2009 Library Technology Reports and doctoral candidate in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin (Second Life avatar, North Lamar), will host a presentation titled Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations. Please join us for this exclusive interactive discussion and presentation of his work. We’ll be discussing virtual worlds and their potential to impact library service and freedom of information, as well as Joe’s work with Library Science students using Second Life. One of the topics discussed will be role-playing in virtual worlds, so we are asking all participants to come dressed as their favorite historical figure!

  • 12 p.m. PT/SLT, Thursday, April 16 - Salon Huron, ALA Island

Valerie Hawkins, ALA library reference specialist (Second Life avatar, ALALibraryVal Miles), will moderate a T.A.R.D.I.S (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) @ your library, a discussion of the world of the popular British science fiction show Doctor Who.

  • 12 p.m. PT/SLT, Friday, April 17 - Main Stage, ALA Island

Furthering promoting the theme of “connections,” Jenny Levine, internet development specialist & strategy guide, ITTS (Second Life avatar, Cielo Paris), will host a presentation on ALA Connect, ALA’s new social networking site.

The ALA Island/ALA Main Stage is located at 128, 107, 29.  In Second Life, teleport there directly: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ALA%20Island/128/107/29/

To learn more about Second Life, visit ALA’s Second Life wiki at http://wikis.ala.org/professionaltips/index.php/Second_Life.  For more information on National Library Week, visit the National Library Week Web page at http://www.ala.org/pio/nlw.

The Campaign for America’s Libraries (www.ala.org/@yourlibrary) is ALA’s public awareness campaign that promotes the value of libraries and librarians.  Thousands of libraries of all types – across the country and around the globe - use the Campaign’s @ your library® brand. The Campaign is made possible in part by ALA’s Library Champions, corporations and foundations who advocate the importance of the library in American society.

ALALibraryVal 2009

Is your library participating in the ALA National Gaming Day on Saturday, November 15, 2008?

This week’s Salon Huron on ALA Island (196, 206, 29) on Thursday, October 30, at 3:30 pm Pacific Time/Second Life Time will be led by Sonja Morgwain. The discussion topic is National Gaming Day - share ideas, what your library is doing, etc. The discussion will last approximately one hour and everyone is invited!

If you’d like, RSVP at the Facebook Event Page, at:

If you have other ideas/topics for discussion, please send an IM to Lorelei Junot. These will take place each Thursday as part of the ALA Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Initiative Group (ALA VCL MIG). See the Virtual Presence Blog for details, at:

Thanks Lorelei Junot for the event description! Also see–

ALALibraryVal 2009
Young adult author and LJ'er cynleitichsmith will be appearing in Second Life TONIGHT on ALA Island at 5:00 pm Pacific Time/Second Life Time.

Cynthia Leitich Smith Author Visit in Second Life

See Virtual Presence Blog entry --

Tantalize Author Speaks on ALA Island Main Stage, at:

Young Adult author Cynthia Leitich Smith -- as Second Life avatar, Cynthia Zanzibar -- will be presenting on the American Library Association’s Island (ALA Island 129, 105, 29) on October 14 at 5pm PST.

Oh-so-creepy stage set up masterfully created by Abbey Zenith -- www.flickr.com/people/abbeyzenith

ALALibraryVal 2009
May 8, 2008 press release from the American Library Association (ALA) --

Children’s book on male penguins raising chick tops ALA's 2007 list of most challenged books  

March 6, 2007 press release from the American Library Association (ALA) --

"And Tango Makes Three" tops ALA's 2006 list of most challenged books

ALALibraryVal 2009

Here are the events that we have scheduled so far for ALA Island in Second Life for 2008 Banned Books Week. More events to be announced. Locations subject to change. See the (new!)  ALA Island Facebook Fan Page for latest information.

Last revised: September 29, 2008


Banned Books Week Town Square - Main site for this week's Banned Books Week events!

Come see how many book references you can spot!

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61)

ALA Garden Storytelling Area - A whimsical and calming place to sit and chat, listen to the current audio program, or just take a moment to chill out and think.Enter the Name the Garden contest for a free READ poster of your choice.

Garden Storytelling Area on ALA Island (28, 103, 21)


Saturday, Sept. 27th

- Censorship and School Libraries (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  -- New Coordinates!

March 5, 1982 episode of "The Open Mind"

Host: Richard D. Heffner, University Professor of Communications and Public Policy at Rutgers University

Guests: George W. Lipp, Jr., counsel for the Board of Education, and Alan H. Levine, counsel for Steven Pico and the other students, for the legal case, Board of Education, Island Trees Union Free School District Number 26 et al vs. Steven Pico et al, 457 U.S. 853, which helped bring about Banned Books Week. Read the transcript. Courtesy of the Internet Archive of The Open Mind episodes.

(FYI: See the book Board of Education v. Pico (1982) by John C. Gold. New York: Twenty-First Century Books, 1994)

Sunday, Sept. 28th

- Frank Zappa On Crossfire, 1986-03-28 (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  -- New Coordinates!

March 28, 1986 episode of "Crossfire"

Hosts: Tom Braden and Robert Novak

Guests: Rock musician Frank Zappa and Washington Post reporter John Lofton debate labeling of rock music records and censorship of music videos

Courtesy of the Internet Archive of Open Source Movies.

Monday, Sept. 29th

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time - 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) -- New location!

- Discussion of And Tango Makes Three, written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, and illustrated by Henry Cole.

What makes this the most challenged book for the last two years?

Comments and questions from audience encouraged

Judy Blume . . . and Our Children's Freedom to Read (1992) (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  -- New Coordinates!

1992 episode of "The Open Mind"

Host: Richard D. Heffner

Guest: Author Judy Blume

Courtesy of the Internet Archive of The Open Mind episodes

Tuesday, Sept. 30th

- Storylines Midwest episode (60 min) ALL DAY

Garden Storytelling Area on ALA Island (28, 103, 21) -- New location!

Featuring A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, winner of Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1991

Successfully banned at high school in Lynden, WA in 1994; successfully retained at high school in Round Rock, TX in 1996


Storylines Midwest episode (60 min) ALL DAY

Featuring Native Son by Richard Wright. Challenged in New Hampshire and in New Jersey in 1978; challenged in Massachusetts in 1982; challenged in Michigan in 1988; challeneged in Washington in 1994; challeneged in North Carolina in 1996; challeneged in California and in Indiana in 1998.

Sky Book Platform on ALA Island (129, 156, 69)

Wednesday, Oct. 1st

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time - 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) -- New location!

- Discussion Topic: Is Banned Books Week Necessary?

Do you think Banned Books Week is necessary? Important? Or is it all just National Hogwash Week?

Discussion moderated by Second Life avatar Bryan Anderton/Bryan Campbell of ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Comments and questions from audience expected!

Thursday, Oct. 2nd

4:00 Second Life Time/Pacific Time - 6:00 Central Time

- Dance at *new* Garden of ALA Island

Garden Storytelling Area on ALA Island (28, 103, 21) -- New location!

Theme: Arabian Nights or The Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous

Not allowed into the USA (1927-1931) and confiscated in Egypt (1985), said to threaten moral fabric of citizens.

SPECIAL!!  -- Don't forget to enter the Name the Garden Contest!

Friday, Oct. 3rd

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time - 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) -- New location!

- Open debate on The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

What makes this book so objectionable to the parents of high school students?

Several volunteers needed to debate the two main opposing sides -- please contact Bryan Campbell of ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom about participation. Or send an IM (Instant Message) to Second Life avatar Bryan Anderton.

Comments and questions from audience encouraged, but this will be more of a structured debate than a discussion.

Judy Blume (2000) (30 min) ALL DAY

Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)  -- New Coordinates!

October 20, 2000 episode of "The Open Mind"

Host: Richard D. Heffner

Guest: Author Judy Blume

Courtesy of the Internet Archive of The Open Mind episodes

Saturday, Oct. 4th

12:30 Second Life Time/Pacific Time - 2:30 Central Time

Banned Books Week Town Square on ALA Island (203, 55, 61) -- New location!

- ALA Island Banned Books Week Read-Out & Fireworks

ALA Staff and guests will read aloud from selected works that have been banned or challenged. Readers will include Oberon Octagon, ALALibraryVal Miles, Bryan Anderton, Kay Tairov, Elaine Tulip, Bunny Iwish, and more.

Reading will use voice chat.

Feel free to volunteer -- more participants needed!

Party on the riverboat will follow.

The Delta Lady Riverboat on ALA Island (84, 15, 26)

5:00 Second Life Time/Pacific Time -
7:00 Central Time

Main Stage on ALA Island (127, 103, 29)

In-world appearance by author Chris Crutcher


If you have questions or comments, please send IM or note card to Second Life avatars Kay Tairov, Oberon Octagon, or ALALibraryVal Miles.

Or send e-mail to the ALA Second Life Team.


ALALibraryVal 2009

This week, ALA released its online video promoting Banned Books Week 2008, which stars ALA staffers Bryan Campbell and Valerie Hawkins -- which is me :)! You can see the video in a couple of places online, including:

Banned Books Week: I'd Like To Find *BLEEP*





Banned Books Week 2008 will kick off in Chicago, with a Read-Out! The event will feature popular banned or challenged authors and local Chicago celebrities on Saturday, September 27, from noon to 4 p.m., at 401 N. Michigan Ave., Pioneer Plaza.

Each year since 2002, the Office for Intellectual Freedom has hosted a Read-Out! event to kick off Banned Books Week. The Read-Out! features a continuous reading of banned or challenged books, and the first event was first held right out on Huron Street, as some of you may recall. ALA staff read aloud from their favorite books and we were honored to have Studs Turkel and Sara Peretsky read with us as well.

This year, things are a little bigger. Not only do we have some well-known banned or challenged authors joining us – Judy Blume, Lois Lowry, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Stephen Chbosky, and Lauren Myracle will be in attendance, among others – but the event also will feature our very own Ilene Cooper! These authors will read from their own books or from their favorite books that have been banned or challenged. Keith Michael Fiels has graciously agreed to again serve as the Read-Out’s emcee.

We hope you will be able to join us for this year's event! The Read-Out! will be held this Saturday, September 27, from noon to 4:00 p.m. at Pioneer Plaza in downtown Chicago. Authors will be signing their books and a limited number of books will be given away for free. For more information about the event, please visit our Web site at www.ala.org/bbooks and click on the events page. We hope to see you there!

Judith Krug, ALA's office for Intellectual Freedom (see video clip below)


Celebrate Banned Books Week 2008!

gifninja.com -- Create custom animated gifs at gifninja.com!

30th-Jun-2008 04:06 pm - ALA Library in Second Life
ALALibraryVal 2009
(originally posted to the ALA Marginalia Blog - <http://discuss.ala.org/marginalia/2008/06/28/ala-library-in-second-life>)

My name is Valerie Hawkins and I work in the Library of the American Library Association (ALA), where my title is Library Reference Specialist. Chiefly I respond to questions about ALA and about libraries and librarianship from ALA staff, members, and nonmembers, by phone, fax, mail, e-mail, and, most recently, by chat/instant messaging.

But an even newer development in my reference duties has been appearing in and responding to questions while in the Second Life virtual world, specifically on ALA Island, in the Member Lounge, as the avatar, ALALIbraryVal Miles. My virtual self has already conducted an in-world book talk, discussing the various books available that teach and instruct about living and thriving in Second Life, and also created an in-world scavenger hunt, for the specific purpose of directing both new and long-existing avatars to some of the more interesting locations and destinations in Second Life, from its virtual space and sea museums to its islands devoted to television shows and cable channels to the incredible original creation of the Alliance Library System in Illinois, Info Island and its Second Life Library.

The scavenger hunt was meant to function much like ALA’s initial “50+ Great Web Sites for Kids & Adults” and its sequel, “700+ Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Wonderful Web Sites for Kids and the Adults Who Care About Them,” in which the goal was to spotlight the many educational and cultural destinations available in this new online virtual space, as opposed to the adults-only destinations that receive a disproportionate amount of media attention, creating the impression that all there is to offer in this new space are such decidedly mature, even prurient entertainments. Nothing could be further from the truth. Second Life provides a brand new, one-of-a-kind opportunity to teach, learn, and communicate about any and all subjects in visually creative ways.

Your Second Life avatar is a 3-D representation of you, which types to communicate with other avatars via text chat (and now has the relatively new option to communicate through voice chat, speaking and listening to others using a headset that connects to your computer). So far, ALALibraryVal Miles has spoken in-world with:

a university librarian, working with a professor that has integrated Second Life into his accounting class assignments, who was looking for a library-related place to rent space and therefore expand her sole library kiosk and message board, in order to provide better library service to the professor’s students;

a university student, sent to me specifically by her professor (with whom I was acquainted), to talk out what kind of graduate-level Second Life library project she could create to complete her class with the professor;

a librarian from a prominent university library looking for advice on a possible in-world digitization project;

a librarian looking for groups devoted to teen and young adult literature;

and several others, including ALA staff, members, and nonmembers, who needed more direction and instruction on navigating the Second Life virtual world.

In order to continue the guidance provided by both the book talk and the scavenger hunt, a kiosk was built in the Member Lounge that freely distributes the detailed notecards that accompanied both events, so that any visitor to ALA Island can walk, fly, or teleport away with both more information on how Second life works and on what there is to see there. There is an intention to update these existing notecards and create new ones as needs arise.

The Second Life virtual world is a valuable, special addition to the services that libraries can provide and to the knowledge that ALA can pass on to its members.
ALALibraryVal 2009
(obsessively cross-posted)


Links to web pages regarding the 2008 ALA Annual Conference occurring June 26-July 2, 2008, in Anaheim, CA, including the pages on registration, housing, and the exhibits, and the Official Wiki, as well.

Especially see:

ALA | 2008 ALA Annual Conference Main Page

Official Wiki of the 2008 ALA Annual Conference

Check In at Conference - 2008 ALA Annual Conference Wiki

ALA 2008 Annual Conference Planner (fully registered attendees use only) - The Planner is only available to fully registered attendees. To log in, use the email address you provided when you registered, and the generic password "ala." You will be able to reset your password using the "My Profile" feature once you are logged in.

First Time Attendees Questions and List of Conference 101 Sessions at the 2008 ALA Annual Conference

ALA | Job Placement Services - 2008 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA - Friday, June 27-12:00 Noon to 5:00 pm / Saturday, June 28-9:00 am to 5:00 pm / Sunday, June 29-9:00 am to 5:00 pm / Monday, June 30-9:00 am to 1:00 pm

ALA | Programs and Sessions for the 2008 ALA Annual Conference

ALA | Registration at the 2008 ALA Annual Conference

Welcome to Anaheim - ALA Annual Conference 2008 Preview | AL Focus (online video)

Introducing the ALA Conference Materials Archive Wiki (ALA Marginalia Blog Post)

If there's something you're looking for and you just can't find it, comment below and I'll try to find you an answer! If you'd rather keep it private, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail directly.

I don't usually get to attend the ALA Annual Conference -- "They also serve who sit and answer the phones back at ALA Headquarters," which is an old ALA saying I just made up (in the great tradition of UK actor/comedian Eddie Izzard) -- but I can certainly help attendees get where they need and want to be at the event.
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